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Photo's of Members and Friends that come out to our hill.


Charles V. & Dave S. Big Boys with there Toys

JCT with his Wanderers first test flite

Planes and the boys waiting for the wind to come up

GOOFY EZ-200 Inverted flite with camera photo by.JCT

Wanderer in a roll with camera. photo by, JCT

Clubs Scratch built LS-1 Sloper Built by SloperDon

Sloperdon's Zagi NASA Wing

Zagi Ninja

I don't want to crash!

Rick with his P-38 Foamy.... Great Job!

William with his Red Ninja

Take your pick, this guys got them all!

This P-38 Foamy was Built and Flown by Al . Great looking Plane

The Boys and there Co-pilot Wifes

William with Foamy F-86 Saber Jet

Sloperdudes Douglas Aircraft Dragon Fly

Big Steve's New Toy!

Super Cheetah Built by me!

Bob Mellen with new Elestric Wing

George with his LS1 club plane.

David with his new Large flying wing.

Too Much Wind for you Goofy?

This is what happens to your wing, hitting a 3"inch pole at 30 MPH.

Thomas with new flying wing.

March 16th Combat SLAM

Time for repairs Son!

Hobby Shack Old GIGOLO by Sloperdon

Welcome New Pilot Joseph to the slopes of Riverside.

Wanderers first flite at the park

Send me your best Photo's Keynote252@aol.com